Fall protection solution for working at the hull of the ship

When scaffolding is an option for taking safety measures, this is always preferred over the use of personal fall protection equipment. This does not have anything to do with the level of safety it provides, but with the maximum amount of working comfort it can give a user while performing their job.

For various renovation purposes, such as painting, a scaffold can be required. A regular type facade scaffold, such as the SafeScaffold from XSPlatforms, can easily be applied for maintenance work on the hull of a ship.


The SafeScaffold is world’s safest facade scaffold and the first that can be erected entirely without the use of other fall protection materials. Due to its unique design it is possible for scaffolders to erect the next level from the inside of the scaffold while safely surrounded by guardrails.

This method guarantees that workers are fully guarded when entering a newly installed level before moving on to erecting the next one.

Also, the SafeScaffold is almost entirely made out of aluminum components which make it a lightweight scaffold for heavy duty work. Next to these features the platforms used for this scaffold are made of a special anti-slip type of material to ensure workers can keep their balance in wet and slippery environments. Read more…


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