Laying bricks, caulking, various painting, etc. All kinds of jobs which come to mind if you think of the construction (or maintenance) of a building. Jobs for which access to facade elements can be necessary and sometimes working at height can be desirable. The use of scaffolding for these tasks is one of the most seen facade access systems when it comes to the construction industry.

Over the years XSPlatforms has proven to be a go-to Partners for construction companies when it comes to providing safety solutions for working at height. As an all-in-one manufacturer XSPlatforms has developed two types of innovative scaffolding system. Both the SafeScaffold (facade scaffolding – as seen on this image) and the SafeTower (mobile scaffold tower) are presented as the safest of its kind. Due to being composed out of strong but lightweight aluminum components our scaffolding systems are perfectly suited for heavy-duty work. Read more…


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