Workshop for architects: fall protection on “the fifth facade”

As a partner of de Vijfde gevel, XSPlatforms recently contributed to a workshop titled build-up of the fifth facade, with a clear but concise clarification of fall protection for roofs.

De Vijfde gevel is a Belgian platform for the exchange of knowledge between architects and other professionals involved in the design and construction of roofs. It aims to provide ideas and inspiration for sensible investments in roofs, to increase the added value of the often overlooked fifth facade.

The platform is a joint effort by a number of leading suppliers who offer the kind of innovations that will make up the roofs of the future, including specialists in roofing materials, green roofs, insulation, drainage, heating and cooling, roof edges, waterproofing and roof safety. Every year, de Vijfde gevel organizes numerous workshops on a variety of topics.

More information about the workshops by de Vijfde gevel (also available in Dutch)

Workshop Build-up of the fifth facade
Prof. Robert De Lathouwer, industry expert and teacher at the University of Leuven, provided a complete description of the applicable requirements, and the resulting consequences for the build-up of modern roofs. In the second part of the workshop, he was assisted by representatives of the different Partners of de Vijfde gevel, who happily shared essential knowledge about their particular specialization.

Vijfde Gevel

As an authority in safe work at heights, XSPlatforms equipped this demo-roof with a number of fall protection solutions: guardrails, different lifeline systems and single anchor points. For a demonstration of the solutions on this demo-roof, go to de Vijfde gevel.

Safety on roofs
On behalf of XSPlatforms, Oliver Bolle spoke to the more than one hundred attendees about the necessity, the possibilities and the requirements for fall protection on roofs. He introduced the five-star system which XSPlatforms uses to explain the differences between the fall protection options they offer for roofs. He emphasized that all these solutions comply with the new EN795:2012 standard.

To the many architects present, he presented the benefit of integrating fall protection in an early stage of the design:

 “Many building owners simply don’t know that the safety of the work that’s being done on their roof is part of their responsibility. Incorporating a fall protection solution in the design of a building is an opportunity for architects to demonstrate their expertise to a client, by showing that they’ve addressed an issue that a client didn’t even know he had.”

Incorporating safety in design
XSPlatforms is very dedicated to get fall protection on the agenda of the people designing tomorrow’s buildings. We firmly believe that fall protection does not need to be complicated or disturbing, especially if safety is considered at the moment that the roof is first conceptualized.

The importance of this awareness is apparent from fall accident statistics: in the Netherlands, about 20% of all occupational accidents are the result of a fall. Many of these accidents could be avoided with a simple, esthetic and permanent fall protection solution.

XSPlatforms also offers custom-made solutions which are designed according to the requirements of a specific project. This way, we can ensure that our solutions do have a negative impact on the appearance of a building.

In need of assistance?
As a service to architects, XSPlatforms has a large number of specification texts on file which can be used to adopt a permanent fall protection solution in a construction specification. For advice about the best fall protection solution for a particular design, it’s best to contact us directly.

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