Top 10 blogs of 2018 – Part 2

This is the second blog of our Top 10 blogs of 2018 series. We write and publish a new blog every week. During an entire year we gather an array of knowledge and we’d like to highlight the ones that garnered the most attention in 2018.

In the previous blog we had a look at the numbers 10 to 6 and now we continue the countdown to the best read blog of the past year


Unfortunately we still hear about many situations in which employees have excuses for wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In this blog we have a look at some excuses and focus on how you can solve these issues to get employees to wear their protective gear. Next to the guidelines to ensure everyone uses fall protection PPE, we also provide you with a poster to help raise awareness.

Read the blog here.


Clean windows have a positive impact on business. To ensure a pristine looking facade building owners need to think about the duration of the cleaning process, or cleaning cycle, of their building. In two blogs we explain the cleaning cycle in-depth.

Start of by reading “A general take on cleaning cycles for high-rise buildings”.
Continue by reading “Cleaning cycle for a high-rise project in numbers”. And don’t forget to download the infographic on the calculation of a building’s cleaning cycle.

And don’t forget to download the handy posters and leading indicator tool we’ve made for you, to help you get started.


A fall protection plan is, as the name implies, a plan to protect workers from fall hazards while working at height. While putting together a fall protection plan the goal is to identify all possible fall hazards in the workplace, and to then select fall protection equipment and set up safety procedures to combat these hazards.

In this blog you read all about the requirements of a fall protection plan and we provide you with a template to help you set up a fall protection plan for your workplace.

Read the blog here


While the term Harness Suspension Trauma raises some controversy, in no way does this mean that someone who hangs in a harness after a fall should not be rescued swiftly. Before any work at height is started you need to make a rescue plan, we discussed this in our blog Preventing Harness Suspension Trauma via planned rescue.

However this is not the most read blog in our Harness Suspension Trauma series. This honor belongs to “First aid after a fall arrest”. In this blog we give advice on what to do after a fall. Rescuing a worker from suspension is nerve-racking, so it is important to stay calm and remember what to do. For this reason we put together a poster with 10 tips that you can download.

Read the blog and download the poster with 10 tips for providing first aid after a fall arrest.


Work at height comes in different forms and can be overwhelming for anyone who first comes into contact with the subject. To make it all a little easier to understand we put together the whitepaper “Fall Protection for Beginners”.

While we only published this whitepaper at the start of October it rose to the top of our most read blogs quickly.

Check it out for yourself and download it for free.

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