Our goal is to serve forward-looking clients around the world with superior safety solutions and world class service.

We aim to warrant the sustainable growth of XSPlatforms by building successful long-term relationships with all our clients, Partners and employees.

We want XSPlatforms to be recognized as the world’s number 1 brand for safe work at height – a specialist that is known for its ability to surpass client expectations and to facilitate the job in any situation.


We believe that we can make work at height safer.

XSPlatforms works towards a world where those responsible for safety at heights are aware of the dangers, and have everything they need to preclude the risk of falling.

In our vision, the safety of a work environment at great height should be self-evident.

Our history

Shows that we are capable of developing an innovative solution for every challenge we have encountered so far.


Challenged by the demand for highly efficient maintenance and repairs to the most unconventional buildings, we have become the international company that we are today.
Our entire organization is geared towards excellence – it is ingrained in our DNA.

The solutions within our range demonstrate that the driving force behind our success is our capability to deliver innovative safety solutions that make a difference.


At XSPlatforms, we believe in a customer-centered approach. That is why we always speak of solutions, rather than products. Because for us, innovation is more than just having a clever idea. It’s about listening to customers and discovering their true needs.

A long time ago, we recognized that unique projects call for equipment that can easily be customized to accommodate different applications. Our offer is an ideal combination between standard equipment and custom-built solutions.

Everything you need

for safe work at height, all under one roof

Facade Access Equipment

Fall Protection

Suspended Platform Systems

Scaffolding Systems


To industry insiders, XSPlatforms is a business that is known for its profoundly innovative solutions, which make work at height safer and easier.

With a can-do attitude, our team of engineers takes up any challenge with daring optimism. This makes us the first choice for the most unique access-to-heights projects around the world.


With Facade Access Equipment, Fall Protection, Scaffolding Systems and Suspended Platform Systems all under one roof, XSPlatforms is a one-stop shop for safe work at heights unlike any other.

The expertise we have gained in these markets allows us to effectively respond to market demands, which has resulted in an all-embracing range of solutions.

We provide safety

at any height


  • Developer of XSClimber: the smart plug & play traction hoist that can be used around the world.

  • Designer of SafeScaffolding: a revolutionary scaffolding system that is the safest and the quickest to assemble in the world today.

  • Inventor of LinkedPro, the only lifeline system in the world that can be used by up to six users, and that allows users to pass each other without disconnecting.

  • Supplier of the heaviest and most complex Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) in the world, for the National Bank of Kuwait.

  • First company in our industry to be certified by the TÜV quality institute to perform CE testing on our solutions.

  • Proud holder of a zero-accident track record: none of our BMUs have ever caused an accident.

  • Manufactured the biggest BMU in the world at the time, which is completely integrated into the Dubai Jewel Tower.


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