As a supplier of four product groups for safe working at height, we have a divers Partner network for the distribution of our products among the various target groups. These Partners are roofers, Working at height specialists, industrial suppliers and retail companies, among others.

We closely work together with these Partners and create the best suitable support for each Partner individually.

The companies in our Partner network always benefit from several extra services and we are always looking for opportunities to create the best possible cooperation with our Partners to maximize the benefits of both parties.

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The XSPlatforms Partner network – why join?

  • Upgrade your product range with an easy and complete product range of fall protection PPE;
  • XSPlatforms PPE sets cover the most common work-at-height situations and are easily recognized by your customers;
  • Get professional materials for an optimal online and in-store presentation;
  • Use the available marketing budget for your own dealer plan: a custom made marketing plan;
  • Profit from our one-stop-shop principle: all other products of XSPlatforms can be added to your product range to offer complete solutions;


Retail Partners receive a complete support package, including training, marketing support and tools for a professional in-store and online presentation of our products.

It’s of great importance that all required information is available to the Partner to sell the products as good as possible. To achieve this, we provide all our (new) Partners with an extensive training. During this training, every sales representative receives sufficient information about basic laws and regulations (applicable to the country or region) and the added value of our fall protection PPE.

Dealer plan
XSPlatforms will develop a custom made marketing plan in collaboration with the Partner. This means that a plan is drafted for the upcoming year, where marketing activities like advertising, sales promotions, product trainings, demonstration days etc. are described. This way, the marketing campaign can be customized to your own marketing activities.

Shelf plan
XSPlatforms has developed a standard shelf plan that can be easily customized to your business. With this shelf plan you have a professional in-store presentation of your XSPlatforms PPE fall protection assortment. Beside these shelves, each (new) Partner will receive plenty of documentation that can be used during the sales process.

Product inspection
Annual inspection of the PPE products is required by laws and regulations. XSPlatforms is authorized to do inspection of the products and certify them. If the Partner chooses to do these inspections by himself, a special training by XSPlatforms is offered.

Interested in our services or training? Please contact us.