NEWS: How XTrusion was installed on Armada C2 (DEMO VIDEO)

AllRisk, Partner of XSPlatforms in the Netherlands, has recently completed a project with the next-generation XTrusion on a stunning residential tower in the city of Den Bosch.

Armada C2 is an apartment building in Paleiskwartier – the main development area of the city. The Armada project consists of ten apartment buildings: five tallhouses and five longhouses, all of which have a stainless steel facade. The design of the facade resembles the wind-filled sails of a battleship.

The roof of the building needs to be accessible for window cleaning and maintenance work on the ventilation, the air conditioning units, or the roof itself. For this purpose, the homeowners decided to search for a solution which they found in the fall protection offer of XSPlatforms.

Our solution

The steel roof has been equipped with multiple XTrusion base plates, which are used as anti-pendulum anchors in addition to a rail system in the middle of the roof. The XTrusion base plates are all equipped with an XSGlobe: an attachment point that can rotate 360°, providing users great freedom of movement.

Workers on the roof of the building wear a safety harnesss that is connected to the rail system with a lanyard. To access the areas of the roof where swing fall hazard exists, workers should loop their lanyard through a safety hook which they should attach to the XSGlobe.

BBO2015-11_ArmadaC2-039   BBO2015-11_ArmadaC2-006   
The front view of Armada C2 (left) and one of the XTrusions on top of the roof (right).

Why XTrusion?

XTrusion is a unique solution for fall protection projects on steel roofs. Because XTrusion is installed close to the surface of the roof, it has great anchor strength. Also, it is incredibly easy to install XTrusion – installation requires only a few simple actions, all of which can be completed from above.

XTrusion is designed specifically for steel roofs with different profiles. The roof of Armada C2 has a double fold seam. XTrusion comes with special clamps, designed for this type of roof profile.

XTrusion equipped with XSGlobe


In this demonstration video, it is explained how to install XTrusion on a steel roof with a round seam profile, and equip it with an XSImpact.

Please note: this video is a demonstration – NOT an instruction. For step-by-step instructions about the installation of the XTrusion, please contact XSPlatforms.

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