NEWS: Falls accidents in France: the hard facts

In order to create more awareness about the risks and the consequences of falling, we will continue to research fall accidents around the world and to publish our findings. This time, we looked into fall accidents in France.

Among other things, the financial consequences of fall accidents came to light. The average cost of fall accidents resulting in severe injuries or death was particularly discomforting.

Numbers don’t lie

How many fatal accidents in the French construction industry involve a fall from height? Which entail more risk of falling: ladders or stairs? These questions (and more) are answered in our infographic about fall accidents in France, which can be requested here (French) and here (English).


Investing in fall protection

The facts in our infographic show that even in France, fall accidents are far more common than one would expect. Unsurprisingly, most accidents happen when fall protection is absent. This can only mean that the risk of falling is insufficiently observed, despite the fact that the severe financial consequences of fall accidents make fall protection a worthwhile investment.

Even if work at heights only takes place on rare occasions, there are suitable fall protection solutions. The statistics show that more awareness is needed, because the vast majority of fall accidents in France could have been avoided.

Enquire about the possibilities for fall protection on your roof by requesting our fall protection brochure, or contact us directly.

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