Fall protection solution for working on top of containers

This is a general image when you think of harbor areas; large amounts of (shipping) containers stacked for storage purposes. In order to control these stacks – or during the stacking process – it might be desirable to have safe access to the top of a stack of containers. Since sea containers don’t have standard anchorage possibilities for humans, the use of a temporary anchor point (or a series of those) can be applied.

Twist anchor and temporary anchor line

A Twist anchor is a form of temporary anchorage specially designed for the installation on containers. Twist anchors can be used as individual anchor points in order to connect with a workers lanyard or as a set of two anchors combined with a temporary horizontal anchor line, as seen in this image. This option gives the worker more freedom of movement when walking on top of the container. Attention: for this configuration (with temporary anchor line), a minimum fall clearance has to be available. Always consult a specialist before applying this solution. Read more…


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