Fall protection solution for working on a roof

Next to the various amount of work situations regarding the manufacturing process, building maintenance can also be an issue when it comes to working at height. The application of skylights and all types of solar equipment is gaining popularity fast, also in the industry applications.

What is often overlooked in these type of situations is the protection of (external) maintenance personnel on roofs. XSPlatforms has a large range of fall protection systems to guarantee worker safety on roofs, from temporary guardrails to permanent lifeline systems and anchor points. For almost every type of building and roof we deliver a solution.

Roof access

It all starts with a safe entry to the roof surface. The roof access. This can be provided by means of a roof hatch installed at the top floor of a building or via the outside of the facade with a caged ladder. Either way, the safety of a worker must be provided when entering a working area at height. Cage ladders offer a certain degree of safety when it comes to roof access, to ensure safety when a worker reaches the top and steps of the ladder an additional guardrail can be installed.

This prevents that the worker can fall down next to the ladder in case of a sudden loss of balance or perhaps a missed step. XSGuardrails can be mounted on top of the existing parapet or straight onto the roof surface. Also, our range of free-standing (temporary) guardrails can be placed on the roofing material without the need of drilling into the surface for installation.

XSLinked lifeline system

For working on a roof there are several options of fall protection available. The most common is the installation of a permanent horizontal lifeline system. This system consists out of various anchorage points which are connected by a stainless steel wire-rope.

The user can attach to a specially designed runner that travels over the lifeline. This provides the user with enough freedom of movement to reach all the necessary areas on the roof. Our XSLinked lifeline system is a single-line system that provides access to a maximum of two users at the same time. With our multi-cable lifeline system, LinkedPro up to six users can simultaneously work while attached to the system. Read more…


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