Fall protection solutions for a maintenance tower

At a marine or off-shore manufacturing location all types of equipment are build. We took the example of a project we have recently realized; fall protection and maintenance equipment for a BOP maintenance tower. Since a tower like this is set to be installed on board of a ship, and used mostly on open sea, all sorts of worker protection needs to be applied.

Self-hoisting gondolas

Once an object, such as a Blow-Out Preventer (BOP), is hoisted on board and placed inside the maintenance tower, the work can be started. In order to provide full access to all parts of the intended object for maintenance a monorail system can installed in the top of the maintenance tower. Two XSClimber hoist units provide the possibility to ascent and decent a working platform, in the form of self-hoisting gondola, in order to perform their work. Our XSClimbers are equipped with a special secondary fall arrest device, a protection system which ensures the safety of the workers in case wire-rope failure should occur. Read more…

Fall protection PPE

Working at open sea often brings more risks than working on main land. Wet and slippery environments could easily cause a worker to fall from great height. Also working on a moving object, such as a vessel or ship, can generate unexpected movement which can cause a worker to lose his balance. Being (constantly) anchored when working at hazardous locations, as inside a maintenance tower like this, is an absolute must. Maintenance personnel can be provided with a specialized PPE set; a set of Personal Protective Equipment for the purpose of fall protection. Sets like these contain the basic materials such as a harness, a connecting device and a temporary anchor point. Read more…


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