Fall protection solutions for loading docks

Some types of work don’t look like they fall under the category “working at height” but they certainly do. Take working in and around loading docks for example. Although most work is performed on a ground floor level, workers do encounter the risk of a fall from height. For example when making a missed step and fall into to a lower situated loading dock. These types of fall hazards are the perfect example of the need for a collective fall prevention solution.

A safety measure that takes away the risk of falling for everyone in that work area. Next to this, there are more obvious fall hazards to deal with when working around loading docks. Take working on top of a trailer or truck for example. Rooftop access to these vehicles could be necessary for (un)loading or for quick maintenance duties. As you can imagine, different situations require different solutions and XSPlatforms is happy to think of solutions to guarantee safety for everyone. As you can see in our suggested solutions and products below.


A small selection from the industry references