Suspended access solutions

In many cases suspended access to construction site can be required, for example for the placement and installation of cladding materials to a facade. XSPlatforms offers various possibilities when it comes to temporary facade access. If a scaffold isn’t in place or when it’s not possible to erect one, elevated scaffolding can offer a perfect solution to gain access to facade elements.

A suspended platform system exists out of three parts; a platform, a hoisting system and an anchorage system. XSPlatforms offers a full range of products to create a temporary facade access solution existing out of these elements. Our modular, and foldable, platform comes in two lengths and can easily be connected to form a solid working bridge. A set of two XSClimber hoists are used to elevate a platform in the air.

The XSClimber is an electric-powered self-reeving traction hoist that can lift loads up to 500 kg (1100 lbs) per hoist unit. And final, our outrigger system. Also called roof beams. These anchorage devices exist out of mainly lightweight parts which makes them easy to transport and assemble on site. Read more…


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