Facade access equipment

If it concerns an existing office tower or a newly build residential complex, buildings will always need frequent maintenance. Window washers and other personnel need a safe access solutions which facilitates their needs when it comes to performing their tasks. When it comes to construction, implementing a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) into a building in the earliest stage brings several advantages. For example, the Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) of a roof car be used for the hoisting of construction materials as long as the maximum capacity of the GRU is being kept in mind.

As the name of this type of equipment describes, a BMU is mainly used for various maintenance purposes on and around a building. BMUs can exist out of one or multiple roof cars, monorail or gantry systems.

Our building maintenance solutions are always custom designed to fit the needs of the project (and client) as every building or structure is different. XSPlatforms accepts every challenge as one of our core values states that “There is no such thing as a problem”. Read more…

In many (local and national) laws it is described that a collective solution is preferred above a personal fall protection solution. The main reason for this recommendation is because when guardrails are set in place alongside the edge of for example a roof, the entire fall hazard is taken away at once.

Legislators want building owners (or those who are responsible for a job site) to rather take away the entire possibility of a fall than to have workers use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the hazard. XSFlex guardrail systems can be installed on top of almost any type of roof structure without having to drill into the structure.

By means of concrete counterweights the uprights are kept into place. This type of XSGuardrail robust and easy to remove which makes them ideal for the use during construction periods. Read more…


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