How American workers will discover XSPlatforms

Earlier this month, XSPlatforms has joined forces with Sales Solutions Inc. – a premier manufacturers’ representation group that covers the entire East Coast of the United States. Their extensive experience in industrial safety and their local network will help XSPlatforms to introduce innovative safety solutions to more American workers.

Educating end users
Sales representatives of Sales Solutions Inc. will visit construction sites and various other locations where work at height takes place, to demonstrate the range of solutions that XSPlatforms has to offer.

George Stallings, Partner at Sales Solutions Inc., states: “I’m very confident that American workers will embrace the safety products made by XSPlatforms.”

As a manufacturer that is always first to market innovative safety solutions for work at height, XSPlatforms considers the education of end users as a part of its responsibility. With the help of Sales Solutions Inc., XSPlatforms wishes to make American workers more aware of its safety solutions.

Both companies firmly believe that creating a market demand for superior work-at-height solutions will effectively increase occupational safety in the East Coast of the United States.

Creating market demand
Geert Cox, CEO of XSPlatforms, explains the purpose of this effort in his own words: “Fall accidents continue to be a leading cause of occupational fatalities in the United States. Awareness and availability of safety solutions is an important step on the road to safe work at heights. By introducing our innovative products to the people they’re designed to protect, Sales Solutions will demonstrate that XSPlatforms delivers the best that our industry has to offer. The added value of our solutions will do the rest.”

Over 200 businesses worldwide have already expanded their offer with XSPlatforms solutions. By generating more demand from the United States, XSPlatforms aims to grow its distributor network and increase the business of its existing Partners at the same time.

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