XSPlatforms is an industry leader when it comes to safe work at heights. We’re very serious about what we do: working on solutions that are designed to protect the lives of others.

Our organization is rapidly growing. Not just in the Netherlands, but all over the world. That is why we’re always looking to bring new talent on board.

To accommodate the growth of XSPlatforms, we are willing to make significant investments in the greatest asset of our company: its people. Our employees are the basis of our success. They are XSPlatforms.


XSPlatforms is constantly raising the bar for safety solutions that protect people working at heights around the world. These are exciting times for us.

So if you’re looking to join our team – expect a challenging job with skilled people who drive you to make the most out of yourself.

The XSPhilosophy reflects the way we work at XSPlatforms. It describes the DNA of our people.

Here’s what our core values mean for new talent joining our organization:

Our people dedicate their working hours to the protection of people working at height. New team members are made to feel part of an organization that stands for a real cause.

Clients approach us with the most challenging projects. Together, we will proudly work on ground-breaking projects – doing things that our competitors cannot.

Simple solutions are rarely obvious. Working at XSPlatforms means being challenged by resourceful and inspirational people, to tackle complex challenges with creative solutions.

People at XSPlatforms have an intrinsic drive for self-improvement. As a team, we will strive to make the best out of every day, by thinking in terms of opportunity.

A Job at XSPlatforms is not always easy. But we’re all on the same team, and we’re happy to walk the extra mile in order to achieve the goals we all share.


Enquire about job opportunities – what are you looking for?