Fall Protection and Roof Edge Protection

Top-quality fall protection and roof edge protection

Do you or your team often work at height? Then fall protection or roof edge protection is an absolute necessity. Because regardless of whether you work at great heights or a bit closer to ground level, you get used to it. And nothing is more dangerous than the false sense of safety. Every year, hundreds of people are injured as a result of accidental falls. Or even worse, they do not survive them.

Do not let this happen to you or your employees. Do not underestimate the risks involved and invest in high quality fall protection and roof edge protection, invest in the systems of XSPlatforms.

The right fall protection for any situation
Different situations require different solutions. The XSPlatforms range of fall protection always provides the right solution. Contact us for:

Our fall protection solutions are suitable on almost any type of roof, wall, ceiling and/or structure, without the negative impact on the architecture. Here’s a 3D image of our systems on various kinds of application possibilities:

You can be confident that products from XSPlatforms meet the following criteria:


The Engineering Department at XSPlatforms is the first in the industry to be certified by the TÜV quality institute to complete in-house CE-approval testing. All steps in the life cycle, from product design through maintenance, are completed according to certified procedures. For quality assurance as well as traceability, each product receives a unique serial number.


The more user-friendly fall protection equipment is, the more the user can focus on the work at hand without being distracted. On the other hand, a poorly designed system forms a large temptation for users to not use the safety equipment. A good, practical design is therefore essential to both productivity as well as safety.

Universally applicable

XSPlatforms fall protection systems can be mounted on both sturdy and very fragile roofs, on any surface type (wood, steel, concrete or slab), and any roofing material (plastic or bitumen). There are even solutions for installations on walls or ceilings. Intelligent product innovations ensure that all systems can be installed quickly and easily.


A good fall protection system is durable. In every way. That means low maintenance and made from durable materials. XSPlatforms only uses aluminum and stainless steel in their products. The systems are also designed so that roofs and roofing materials incur little or no damage during installation and inspection, and even in the event of a fall.

Attractive design

First and foremost, fall protection must be safe and practical. However permanent fall protection (guardrails) in particular, also has an impact on the appearance of a building. XSPlatforms solutions are designed to preserve the architectural value of the building as much as possible - and even enhance it.


Innovation often lies in seemingly small things. Thanks to intelligent and carefully considered design, XSPlatforms fall protection products can be packed efficiently and take very limited space during transport and storage. And once installed, they require minimal maintenance and are easy to inspect and, if necessary, replace.

Custom fall protection and roof edge protection
Every building is unique. Do you have specific requirements? Then we can create a customized fall protection and roof edge protection solution for you. Our guarantee? A combination of optimal safety and maximum mobility. Download our brochure or call our expert staff today. Together we’ll determine the right system for you.